Even if you don’t take a lesson with me, I hope that I can offer some information that helps you.  To that end, I have cobbled together a few sets of links to various kinds of resources.

In as much as links change all too quickly out there on the web, I do not promise to check every link every day or two to make sure that they are still current, but I will try to check them with some regularity and frequency.  Certainly, if you notice a link that has gone sour, let me know via my Contact Information, and I will try to correct my link as quickly as life allows.

If you have information to share, such as a link to a great resource, please send it on to me.  If you are an instructor or other firearms– or personal defense-related business owner and you want me to add your link, contact me and we can talk about it—I generally want to know all about you and your business before I put your link out there.


Instructors (Folks, I always encourage you to shop around.)

    Jorge Amselle, Northern Virginia Firearms Training

    Brett Beasley,

    Evan Carson, Innovative Defensive Solutions

    Jack Demmie, Guns–n–Gear


    NRA Range, Fairfax, VA

    Blue Ridge Arsenal, Chantilly, VA

    Bull Run Shooting Center, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA

    Clark Brothers, Warrenton, VA

    Fairfax Rod & Gun Club, Manassas, VA

    Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club, Fredericksburg, VA

    Izzak Walton League, several locations in VA

    National Sportsman, Woodbridge, VA

    The Range, Fredericksburg, VA

    Sharp Shooters Small Arms Range, Springfield, VA

    Silver Eagle Group, Ashburn, VA

Gun shops

    Blue Ridge Arsenal, Chantilly, VA

    Guns & Ammo Warehouse, Manassas, VA

    Clark Brothers, Warrenton, VA

    NOVA Firearms, Falls Church, VA

    Sharp Shooters Small Arms Range, Springfield, VA

    Silver Eagle Group, Ashburn, VA

    Virginia Arms, Manassas, VA

Competition Organizations/Clubs

    ACORNS—Arlington Optimist/ACORNS Junior Rifle Club (old link!)

    IDPA—International Defensive Pistol Association

    IPSC—International Practical Shooting Confederation

    MPL—Metropolitan Pistol League (link doesn’t seem to work—can’t find another)

    PPC—Police Pistol Combat/Competition

    SASS—Single Action Shooting Society (Cowboy Action Shooting)

    USPSA—U.S. Practical Shooting Association

Political and Educational Organizations

    AKTI—American Knife and Tool Institute

    GOA—Gun Owners of America

    Handgun Law, US

    Keep and Bear Arms

    Knife Rights

    NRA—National Rifle Association

    NRA-ILA—NRA Institute for Legislative Action

    Open Carry

    RKBA—Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    SAF—Second Amendment Foundation

    SAS—Second Amendment Sisters

    VCDL—Virginia Citizens Defense League

    VGOC—Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

    VSSA—Virginia Shooting Sports Association


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