Below is a listing of my credentials.  Naturally, I will update this page as I acquire more credentials, especially those that enable me to teach more courses.  I have had many additional safety, security, and firearms instruction certifications and credentials in the past that are either too distant in time to list, expired, or not really applicable to my current course offerings.


Range Officer and NRA Certified Instructor

•    NRA Range, 2001—2004

Armed Security Officer

•    Vance Uniformed Protection Service, Spring 2002—Fall 2004

Private Security General Instructor and Firearms Instructor

•    Vance Uniformed Protection Service, Fall 2004—December 2007

Contract Instructor with the Senior Firearm Instructor (SFI) group

•    NRA Range, since 2004

Contract/Adjunct Instructor with the Innovative Defensive Solutions (IDS) group

•    NRA Range, since 2011

Personal/Private Instructor

•    Last several years



•    NRA Certified Instructor

•    Basic Pistol/FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation

•    Former NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD) Law Enforcement Instructor

•    Handgun/Shotgun

•    Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (VA DCJS)

•    Former Private Security General and Firearms Instructor (expired July 2010)


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