Henry Sheard



Well, it is most decidedly NOT “all about me,” but you
probably do need to know some information about me.
Like, for instance, that my hair is a LOT longer right now
than in the picture to the right!  :)


The resume

As you can see from my Credentials page, I have worked
in the firearms instruction world for a while now, since 2001. 
I have worked as a range officer, armed security officer, civilian instructor, and security instructor.  I have worked for the NRA Range, for a large private security company (Vance Uniformed Protection Services), and for myself.

In the world of private security, I worked for about 2-1/2 years on the force that protected a large US Government site in the Northern Virginia area.  While there, I led a perimeter patrol unit for most of the time, and performed access control and worked in a high-tech vehicle inspection station.  For the next three years, I taught the officers of the same private security company in the subject areas listed below.

Before all of that, I grew up around guns and was in rifle clubs and on rifle teams all the way through high school.  I was co-captain of my high-school rifle team back when high schools in the Northern VA all had rifle teams.  I have shot some competitive handgun over the years and, for a while, was a regular at Bull Run Regional Shooting Center’s Trap & Skeet range on Saturday mornings.

I have taught courses in all of the following areas:

    General security techniques

    Empty hand self defense (Monadnock’s MDTS)

    Pepper spray

    Baton (straight baton)

    Handgun (beginner-level through advanced-level)

    Shotgun (beginner-level through intermediate-level)

    Threat Detection using X-ray and metal detection technology

    Trace Detection using various chemical analysis technology

    First Aid/CPR/AED (American Red Cross, American Heart Assoc., and others)


The day job

Before entering the firearms instruction and security worlds, I was a Tech Writer for various high-tech, commercial and government contractor companies.  Since leaving Vance Uniformed Protection Services in December of 2007, I have returned to the Tech Writing world working for a large, high-tech government contractor as my day job while I focus on my firearms instruction adventures in the evenings and on weekends (and daydream about it most of the rest of the time!).


The dream

Ultimately, I would like to turn these private lessons and small courses into a large, full-time YOBNUG Training Academy.  I have broken the dream down into four phases, with the fourth phase being the full-fledged, independent, full-time training academy.  Right now I am in Phase II.  (OK, so I added a fifth phase—having a full blown shooting center associated with/attached to the training academy).  Come join me in the journey!


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