I FINALLY got my act together enough to update this website!  I’ve been so busy preparing to teach, actually teaching, and generally tending to life that I haven’t kept this as up to date as I would like.  They say that life is what happens while you make plans or wait for things to happen!

    I have concentrated my focus on my private lessons.  I have retreated from regularly scheduled classes and clinics due to other concerns in my personal life.  I now, instead, offer my classes and courses upon request, typically to small groups of five people or less and usually taught in your home or mine.

    While I have backed off of scheduling my own classes, I have begun to work as an adjunct instructor with the fine folks at Innovative Defensive Solutions (IDS) in helping them teach some of their classes.  I am looking forward to more of that collaboration.

    I am working on drafting some code revisions to the Virginia Code to try to improve Virginia’s rather poor knife laws.  Knives and edged tools are far behind where firearms have gotten in code improvements.  I hope that we can obtain state preemption for knife laws and get many of the outdated restrictions removed!

Along the road to the dream, I found a school that would be a great starting point for the eventual YOBNUG Training Academy—too bad that I don’t have the $2-5M it would take to buy it and that it wasn’t for sale anyway …  :-)  Keep coming back for more updates (yes, I hope to be MUCH better about updating this site more often)!


Your Help Is Needed!


If you have taken some of my training and liked it, please let me know (I may put your kind words on my testimonials page) and please encourage others to take some training.   I would prefer to grow this business through word of mouth advertising.  So, I need your help!  Pass my contact information around.  Send people my direction.

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