Below are the policies that come to mind.  I reserve the right to create policies to address any situations that arise.  My general approach is to be as fair to all parties as possible.  The one area in which my policies are non-negotiable is Safety.



•    I reserve the right to terminate any student’s session or terminate the ongoing training relationship for any sufficiently severe safety violations on the part of the student.


•    Payment is due in full at the time the lesson or course is given.

•    See the Pricing page for information regarding deposits for training.

•    Payment is to be in cash or by check made payable to Henry Sheard.  I do not accept credit or debit cards, and I am not at this time set up to accept PayPal.


•    Clinics and courses are conducted according the their negotiated dates.  Contact me via phone or email if you would like to arrange a clinic or course.  As clinics and courses are offered upon request to small groups, no standing scheduled dates are being offered.

•    Follow-on lessons are generally scheduled at the conclusion of the current lesson or shortly therefter.

•    You may schedule multiple lessons in advance.

•    You should email to me any schedule requests just to ensure that the request is sufficiently captured.

•    Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  See the Courses page for more information on generally available lesson times and locations.


•    If you are late to a lesson, the time comes out of your lesson (with no change to the lesson fee) if the situation prevents us from simply shifting your lesson the amount of time you are late.

•    If you or a member of your small group are more than 15 minutes late to a course or clinic, you may not be admitted to the course or clinic.  Your course fee, if already paid, may be returned (less a cancellation fee), you may be rescheduled, or some other arrangement may be made.


•    Cancellations are acceptable, but must be made at least 48 hours in advance for private instruction or at least 72 hours in advance for clinics or courses.

•    Cancellations without sufficient notice require a payment of the cancellation fee (an actual set fee for lessons or a forfeiture of deposit for courses or clinics).


•    Either the student or the instructor may terminate the ongoing training relationship at any time and for any reason.


•    The fee for any session that is terminated during the session, whether terminated by the student or the instructor, will not be refunded.

•    Fees for any training scheduled and paid for in advance will be refunded in full upon request, provided the training is cancelled with sufficient notice—see cancellation policy above.


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